St. Katharine’s Precinct is a three year project run by one of the oldest charities in the world – The Royal Foundation of St. Katharine.

We are building connections with and across communities through conversation, reflection, community projects, art and food.

Our Story so Far

In response to research and conversations in the local community, a project was co-designed which has created five exciting new community spaces: Yurt CafeReflective Space, Artist Studios and the Community Hub. You can read about the setup of the project and the opening event with Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs on our blog.

In our first six months we made over 600 new connections with local people, co-created 17 community projects, hosted over 20 events and served over 11,000 cups of coffee in our Yurt Cafe!

Over the next two years we’re hoping to foster hundreds of further connections, co-create more projects & events and we’d love for you to be involved!

How to get involved

Please visit our Projects and What’s On pages for information about our current programme and how to get involved. If you have an idea for a community project or would like to help out at the Precinct in some way please get in touch.

The Royal Foundation of St. Katharine

Between 1147 and 1825, St Katharine’s served as a first stop for many arriving into London and became home to several thousand people. The religious community living around the chapel provided support for the old and sick and formed a centre surrounded by everything that made up a sustainable medieval community, such as mills, markets, breweries, schools and orchards.   Following the end of the Second World War, St. Katharine’s moved to its current site in Limehouse, where under the mastership of Father Groser it played an important role in the community for many years.

The Foundation continues to run a Conference & Retreat Centre on Butcher Row which many refer to us an ‘urban oasis’ in an increasingly busy world.  Groups and individuals can book to stay, meet or retreat – we welcomes over 20,000 through our doors last year! The opening of St. Katharine’s Precinct in November 2015 signified a renewal of the Foundation’s commitment to service in the community.

You can read more about the Foundation’s fascinating history here and on our blog.

The Future

The Royal Foundation of St. Katharine is working on plans for permanent development of its land on Butcher Row to further its charitable aims.  The Precinct Project is the first phase of this work – creating connections, testing ideas and spaces for the long term development.

The following video, much of which was shot at the Precinct and features former members of staff, encapsulates much of what we want to achieve in helping the community around East London.

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