Yurt Feasts at the Yurt Café!

Yurt Visitors enjoying Yurt Feasts

Our Yurt Café is available for Yurt Feasts! This is where experienced chefs take over and run their own pop-up dinners! This offers a very special opportunity to create a memorable event in an unusual event space, London’s only Yurt Café. Being warm, fun and welcoming to people from all walks of life, the Yurt is the perfect place to test out new ideas or create a buzz around a new restaurant!

The kitchen is fully equipped with:
  • 4 plating/preparation areas
  • 1 burner oven
  • 1 small fridge & 1 large fridge and available freezer space
  • Kitchen processor, mixer and blender
  • Crockery (miscellaneous)
  • Professional coffee machine

The space is available for Yurt Feasts any evening, serving dinner from 7pm. It is free for set up and preparation from 4pm. We do also have an alcohol license.

The space seats 35 people comfortably and 50 people at a squashed maximum. It is your responsibility to advertise and sell tickets to the Yurt Feast event although The Royal Foundation of St Katharine will provide marketing support via our Marketing Officer, Social Media interaction, direct promotion at The Yurt Cafe and emails to a database of 10,000.

To ask about Yurt Feasts, get in contact with [email protected]